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If only I had that extra foot part to give. M just so close to the edge of a new escape. You say which is followed by some laughter from the group. You try to keep a straight face though as you are quite drunk and have a lot to say. S just that all those years in the closet, I really needed to step out. You were just doing fine before. Then I met you and now all my problems are just multiplied. Ve been living your whole life living a lie. T even out of the closet before I met you. T make that big of a deal out of something like that. Bobby says and then punches you in the side of the head causing you fall to the floor. You exclaim and start screaming out the side of your mouth. STOP FUCKING TEARING UP MY GIRL. Bobby shouts and then throws you to the ground. Before you can get up he kicks your legs apart and begins kneeing you in the stomach repeatedly. T even try to fight it anymore and just let him get you. Besides he still owes you one. S kicking is reduced to just hitting you a couple of times. S finally reached his limit though and gives you a final kick to the stomach when you just collapse to the floor. The next few months are a little harder than the ones before, and you get sick more often. Then one day you wake up in the middle of the night and cough up a bit of blood. Your sickness has finally taken you that day. Re just too weak to fight it any longer now and you pass away. The next day Bobby and Diana come to see how your body is doing and they both cry. Bobby even cries openly for a moment and then quickly moves.

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5 10 celebrities