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Other celebrities who had hair transplants to cover their hair lines include James Cavill. As you read through the names, you wonder if you had made the right choice in choosing an actor from a movie, TV show, or cartoon series as your partner for this act of thievery. There are several from your favourite TV shows and movies that were all originally bald at birth, or within a few years of birth, and have only recently started to grow their hair back. You start to wonder if you have chosen the wrong person. You look over your shoulder at the group on your right and the group on your left and decide that you cant see the difference either. You have to find someone who is the most famous person in the whole world. You decide to try to find the most famous person in the world, in your eyes, and you know it wont be easy. You quickly go down the list of possible candidates and are about to give up when you suddenly stop and start thinking. You decide that you will start with the most famous person in the world and work your way down the list. You start off by going through the alphabet and looking for the person with the most letters in the alphabet. The first person that crosses your mind is Barack Obama. After all, he is the leader of the most powerful and influential nation on the globe and you could easily work out a way to get close to him to ask him for a favor. However, you pause when youre reading through the names and the first letter that comes to your mind is B, or rather it is the letter which is a common name prefix You do a quick search through the rest of the pages and cant find anybody with the name Barack which seems to be pretty unusual. You go through the alphabet a few more times but you come up with no more matches to Obama or any other name beginning with B. Suddenly, you find one name that does come up on the list and it is the famous person of the world, Lady Gaga. You instantly Google her online since you have no other leads at the moment. You research Lady GagaAs youre looking through the internet in the hopes of finding information on Gaga, you find yourself on several pages where you read about her. Unfortunately this information is just about her music videos and not about any interviews with her or anything else. Most of what you do find is about her sex appeal and how her fans are very loyal and want to keep her in power as long as possible.

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