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Shes also a singer, and one of her more popular hits is the song You Belong With Me. You decide to take a wild guess and say that you dont know anything about fashion. What do you mean I dont know anything. Re probably the largest apparel manufacturer in the world. You manufacture all your clothing in a place where people wear the same thing year after year. I think this is what cults usually become: bloated in their own self-importance and with delusions of grandeur. The voice starts to ask you some more detailed questions. So you were started by some people who wanted to get back to nature, correct. I see, did you have any previous successes. No, we were just getting started. S a shame because your clothing is so beautiful. T even own the copyright on my name. You are still the founder of your company, so you will always have ownership of the company name. Ve been getting a lot of new customers since you.

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most charitable celebrities 2015