These are the celebrities who killed people in real life…

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As you read the list, you feel a chill go down your spine. You even feel a little sad to think of all the people that have died because celebrities got involved with them. Hey, Suzy, I thought you were sleeping. You slowly open your eyes and see who it is. Its Brian, the man who has been living with you for three months. Youre up, you didnt get home until late last night. Brian takes a seat on a nearby chair, hes a little on the chubby side since hes been eating all those Reeses Peanut Butter cups you left out. You quickly realize thats not how he looked to you last night. Oh, its not much in the way of new stuff, but I did find something new to watch last night. You sit up a bit, curious to what he has planned. Its not very exciting, but its a way to keep people informed over the world. He continues to talk for quite awhile about various things you dont want to know. So did you ever find out why I was in here all night. I had a lot to think about, I didnt get much sleep last night either. Do you have any idea when were going to get off the air. But I did find something else to watch. I found a movie on TV, it was quite a while to put it on, but I think it was called The Big Lebowski. Its a reference to the film The Big Lebowski, directed by Brian and starring Jeff Bridges. Anyway, I should be putting you to bed, but I gotta go now since I gotta do an interview with that woman who runs the diner I stay at. You get up to leave before Brian does, but he sees you and calls after you. Well, Im going to a movie, you say, but Im leaving you in charge of the house, sorry about that. You leave Brian to his movie, but not before grabbing a couple of your dresses.

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