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You say while lying awake for a couple of hours. The universe just has a way of bringing you back to life. T you wake up every hour or so. T know how long I have been awake dreaming. You sayYou then realize that you were dreaming a lot when you stayed up all night. And I thought you were the reincarnation of the Egyptian God of Sleep. T know how much I want to make up for lost time. As you talk in your sleep you feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. Your breath becomes more still and light as you close your eyes. Ve slept for exactly six hours and twenty minutes. Ve slept for exactly seven hours and thirty minutes. Even still, you feel a little weird that you slept so much in such a short amount of time. Ve officially been reincarnated as a Science Geek. Re going to have to deal with this information, you put in your usual amount of sleep as usual, but.

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celebrities exposed