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You support BushYou support the president of the United States. Your blood has been stirred and your soul has been stirred. You stand alone, but you are not alone anymore. You see the other side of that great, old screen, and you see the light of another day. All it takes is a little motivation from us and a lot of time. For the past few months, Ive been working on a salad recipe for one of my favorite bloggers, KetoDietApp. After putting together the recipes, Ive been slowly sending them out to the blog followers, and myself. The results have been mixed, but well see what happens with tomorrows challenge. I figured today Id share with you one of the recipes with the most reactions, Baked Kale Salad. If youd like to see the other recipes, be sure and follow the other 30-Day Keto Challenge recipes here This recipe is a variation on a favorite of mine, which is the one I posted awhile back called Roasted Garlic Kale Salad. Both are great in their own way, and the key difference is that the Roasted Garlic Kale Salad is baked, while this one is on the stove top. The other difference is that the Roasted Garlic Kale Salad does not have any nuts or seeds in it. Now, if we had nuts and seeds in the Roasted Garlic Kale Salad, that might be the one Id make every time. But we dont, and I like not needing them, so this one is perfect for me. Cut the tops off the stems of the baby kale leaves. Toss with the almond milk, garlic, and salt and toss again. Place in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes, or just until the tops are crispy. Do you like baked kale salads. What are some other ways youve used kale. If you try this recipe, let us know.

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