These 30 celebrities say that going vegan has improved their skin, exercise …

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I am just surprised to read this, What a nice thought. You dont need to changeHey, this means you will be eating the same as the rest of us. No, you will live your life how you want. The fact that you are living it this way is your problem. In any case, if you are still eating meat and dairy products and not going vegan then you have not been serious about being a vegan. Now that you are living in a world where the vast majority of people are no longer eating animals, you will have to find other people. What you will do is send someone to eat with us Who you choose is up to you. You try to contact celebrities who arent veganSo far, what you have tried is sending a crowdsourcing website, posting on Twitter and a friend of a friend, but what if you are not an expert on social media. What if you dont have a friend that can convince you to give up meat. In which case, well played You can also try to contact vegan celebrities. They might just be busy, but you can try contacting people they know In which case, well played You could try contacting your local animal shelters and see how many people have given up meatdairy for a month. You contact vegan celebritiesYou dont think so. You also wonder why you are wasting your time on this. It was only a year ago and you have made no progress. You have also told them about your vegan diet, but that does not bother them What you really feel is that you dont have a reason to keep living. You wish you had not eaten animals even if you dont want to eat them. You havent felt this way since you lost friends in school and your grades also went down. You have been doing this for so long and you have never gotten anywhere. The only reason why you havent given up on your vegan diet is mostly because you are a student and have to get a good grade. That is what keeps you going, but you have to face that your life is over. You wish you still were in high school, and you wished that you would have started at the age of 18. But then one day you were 18 and the next day you were 30. You feel like you no longer have much to live for now.

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