There was a very brief period of my life where I had periwinkle …

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There was a very brief period of my life where I had periwinkle colored hair. It was fun while the dye lasted, but upon further examination of my. From the runway to the red carpet, the trend for crazy coloured hair wont stop. Heres a few of our fave celebs demonstrating rainbow locks. 30 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time.

Heres a few sources for your graphic research. But that doesnt mean that the show is necessarily funny. Thats why Ive decided to take a look back at some of the funniest scenes from The Big Bang Theory. The first episode of season three, which aired in 2010, had Sheldon and Leonard discussing which of them was the more annoying friend. It was a fun bit of comedy and also showed that the two characters have developed some chemistry. The second episode, which aired a few weeks later and featured Leonard trying to do laundry, was pretty much the same scene. Weve heard the same lines before: Leonard: Leonard, help me. AdvertisementBoth Sheldon and Leonard are trying to convince each other that they are the same, but thats not funny anymore. Sheldon and Leonard make more jokes with a big bang, which is a callback to the final scene from The Slap. On the show, Leonard doesnt slap Penny because he doesnt want her to remember him, but he does slap Sheldon because he wants to get rid of him. We all know that, but watching Sheldon slap, its clear that hes not going to leave Penny. Shes not the same, and her absence changes the world and makes everybody else a lot more angry. Its just a great line that doesnt need to be spoken. In the context of this episode, its hilarious and has a lot of weight behind it. AdvertisementAs the season wears on and Pennys absence shows in more ways than one, well get to see more of Penny. Its a great opportunity for the show to revisit the character, especially considering that shes a regular on the show. The Slap also shows that theres a lot of funny in the world of The Big Bang Theory. Theres a lot of silliness in society, and Sheldon and Leonard are always trying to find the most absurd ways of talking about it.

Army has an ongoing policy of preventing LGBT service members from openly sharing their sexuality due to their deterioration. Army is planning a new policy on transgender troops to be introduced later this fall. The policy will allow transgender soldiers to serve openly in the military, but will still prohibit them from openly disclosing their gender identity. The announcement was first made by Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning on J, and was made in part to satisfy his own concerns. By ensuring the health and well-being of our troops, I am committed to ensuring we keep our focus on mission readiness, Fanning told the AP. This means we keep focus on our troops and their readiness and keep focused on the real issues facing our military today. The policy will not be implemented until next year at the earliest. In the meantime, the army is encouraging soldiers and their families to keep their privacy by avoiding certain trigger conversations. For example, transgender service members are still required to live full-time in an unisex barracks, even though not all housing is or can be gender-neutral. Even when barracks are gender-neutral or unisex, some families may prefer to accommodate transgender service members by living in a dorm or living situation that is not fully gender-neutral. Additionally, transgender personnel will still need to provide a list of the names of the people with whom they have been interacting, a list of names that does not include their name, and a copy of their service record, the AP reported. But the Army is making accommodations, including accommodating transgender soldiers who have already started hormone therapy. The Army is working with the Department of Defenses Health and Human Services to establish the procedure for providing an appropriate gender marker when beginning and continuing therapy, a spokesperson told the AP. Transgender soldiers who are taking hormone therapy will be provided with updated forms that include their assigned gender in addition to their new gender marker. Transgender people have been serving openly in the military for more than a decade. Military has been struggling with its gender identity policies for years. In 2013, the Obama administration announced that transgender troops would be allowed to serve openly in the military. But the Pentagon did not immediately issue regulations allowing transgender service members. Instead, after a series of military suicides, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter issued an order of removal in 2014 banning transgender people from service.

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