There is not a city like NYC to be graced by celebrities frequently…

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Get the latest Margot Robbie news, reaction pictures and more celebrity news in NYC at ABCs Good Morning America at 10 or go to abc. The fans want themselves to get the latest news about the stars and celebrities all the time. You have a drinkYou get out of bed, and do go home to look at some work, and decide to have a drink. If youre not going to the bar youll have to get something to eat first. You get on a public bus in Manhattan and spend the next couple of hours in a drunken state. Youve never been anywhere near New York City before, and you feel like youve never even been sober before. At one point you get off at Madison Square Park and take a walk to get your bearings. The city is really spread out and theres nothing but big buildings to see. There are a lot of beautiful buildings, and at one point you realize that youve never been anywhere near them. You begin to wonder who lives in those tall buildings, why theyre built that way, and why anyone ever bothers to build them at all. But as you walk, you come across a small alleyway and decide to pay attention to it. Youre still a little tipsy so you dont really do a good job of following your instincts, but you eventually come across a group of people. Maybe its because youre a bit drunk, or maybe its because its a group of teenagers, but what you notice, is that theyre standing around talking to something on a small piece of string. When you approach they realize youre different and start walking in your direction. Oh youre that guy, the one who lives here. You follow them and discover that theyre students from a private school on the Upper East Side. The people are talking excitedly about Margot Robbie, one of the students is telling you about how shes coming here to do an appearance. One of the students asks you, Yeah, I have some friends I want to meet her. Yeah, my names Nick and Im a year ahead of you guys. My friends are: Alex, Andrew, Sam and Steve. Whoa, thats a lot of people to meet someone.

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celebrities in new york today