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Montgomery is a well-kept secret as the most populous city in the state of Alabama. However, despite it being the most well kept secret in the entire state of Alabama. The wealthy citizens of Montgomery are a bunch of spoiled assholes who enjoy the best of life and live like Kings. Thats why despite it being one of the most well known cities in the state, its only inhabited by a bunch of spoiled assholes like the rest of Montgomery. As youre telling all this information to your little brother, you notice his face change from a satisfied grin to an expression of shock. M finding out about you from your sister. S just a little richer than me. S married to a millionaire who runs a company in the city. Re still well off enough that they can afford to live in a nice place in the city. I thought you said you had another sister named Ellen. S still going to have to give birth in a bush somewhere in the countryside. T too many other siblings of our age in the family anymore.

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