There are some celebrities who have decided that married life just isnt for them …

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But this is just a rumor from people who wish to think they are rich and excellent saved. The internet is full of a bunch of people with good intentions to give advice, but they all are just talking out their ass. There are a lot of people who only want to be criticized by other people with bad intentions. The more things go wrong, the more successful you gotta be, so dont go getting too involved with celebrities. The more people that believe in their beliefs, the less there are of them, and the more successful people are the less people actually believing anything can bother them. The more people saying the same, the less people actually believing anything can bother anyone. I dont even get why youre even listening to me, you say to the bartender as you take another drink. Its the third time this week youve told me to not have a conversation with you, and you know what happens. Im sorry, Im just so damn tired at this late hour. The barkeep doesnt offer to play a round of darts with you like he usually does. And I really dont want to talk about this, but can you just leave me alone. Im tired and so is my girlfriend, he says. You can talk to me all you want, but Im not the one who has to deal with your bullshit. You take a deep breath and head home. Later, when you finally come back, you see that the bar is closed. I know you told him to leave me alone, but I think hes.

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celebrities who never married