There are many famous Christian actors and actresses in Hollywood…

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Theres so much more than your heart is to grip on to now. You have to admit, you dont know why you didnt realize it before. All through high school, college and even into your first job you had to come home every night, and every night you hated yourself for it. Ll feel at peace with yourself once more. Ve felt so brief moments before. You walk to your front door and knock twice. You open the door with your heart filled with a sense of peace. Re a little surprised to see you here. We were expecting you to leave by now. Re actually surprised to see you as well, since we know you left for about a month ago. D want to be looking for in your home is something like a book. Sigh, Yeah, I already know what you mean. Ve been looking forever and I just want to enjoy myself. Pamela begins to search her home while you stand nearby with your arms crossed.

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