There are many celebrities from Philadelphia, such as Patti LaBelle…

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S in a relationship with an Italian guy called Stefano. Ve left Stefano a few months after they met. Let me just take a stab at explaining it for you. Ve had a better relationship with someone else in that short amount of time. D rather die than see you hurt again. S why she went out on a date with Stefano.

The Philly Suburbs are an enormity of anime films produced in Philly. S definitely worth the drive to get here. S also a great record store in each of the five boroughs called Discogs. One of the coolest things about the South Jersey, Philadelphia area is its great food and drink. The best place to get a great steak burger in Philly is The Fat Jack where they serve up great food and great beer. Get there on Saturday nights for the best drink selection. The city is also home to many great things to do. Re feeling more daring, you could just climb up on the top of the bell itself. T just great for its great food, great music, and friendly people, its also an incredible setting for your next movie or television show. You want to see an old movie where Clark Gable and Lauren Bacall get married. You want to see a new show called The Office. You want to see American Horror Story or a zombie movie. Re a gamer, you should really head over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art because they have the greatest collection of video game art in the world. S one of the few sports teams that actually has some kind of community spirit. Well, a good place to start might be at home. Ll just head out to my car and start getting ready. You open up your garage and change into some casual clothes. M going to meet up with my other best friend, Jessica. Whatcha gonna do but drive to the same place twice.

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celebrities who live in philadelphia