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Later that afternoon, the next day, you return from your daily jog with the same thought in mind. You cant exactly discuss it with anyone as it might lead to you being ostracized, but you get a little worried. You wonder if your suspicions are just paranoia or not. The rest of the day is the same with you going out every once in a while to shop as usual, but there is never the same thoughts. You do get that weird twinge in the back of your head that you havent felt since your early teen years, and that you start to wonder if something is wrong with you. You go to your favorite store to shop, which is a clothing store that has a bit of everything. You find a couple of things of what you need and return home to the apartment. You spend the rest of the day in bed thinking about whether or not you should disclose your discovery to your family. You dont have anything to bring to the tableThere is no point to reveal your secret to your parents, if anything they might be more worried about you than you would be. You probably wont get in trouble anyway and if there is a downside to coming out its that no one is going to want to work with you anymore. Youre out of the closet, but you have no idea what to do now. If you went to your family, it would probably be better to tell them what you found out and then come out slowly and quietly. If you revealed it all at once it would be the worst punishment possible for you. You return to your apartment that night, you spend your remaining time in bed alone. You sit up and check your phone to see if you should tell anyone about what you are going through, but there is no one to tell, or if anyone is there, they wont want to hear it, as you expected You take a shower and then go back to sleep. The next day you dont even go to go to work. You stay in your apartment, you dont have any other plans anymore. The next couple of days are the same, you stay in your room, thinking about what you should do next. A couple of days later, one of your co-workers, The one you go to the most with, shows up at your apartment to do some work. Well my phone rang last night and then another this morning, so I figured I would come in to check on youHe smiles upon hearing the news, then shakes your hand and speaks softlyWell, that is certainly exciting.

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