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Do you mind helpinghelping:ns anything else please. -CaitlinYou reply to her:Caitlin,Thanks for your question, I was more curious about the other sports as well. A couple of weeks ago, I did a Reddit AMA, Ask Me Anything. It was the most popular one in the whole history of the subreddit, even before the rise of Voat, so I was amazed and I was happy to see it succeed as it did. I didnt expect to have anyone post in the same thread as me so I was a little surprised when that person posted at the top of the thread. When I started reading it, I was surprised and I had to pause it to take a breath. I thought for a second about just not replying to her, I already had a lot to do and I dont always reply, but then I thought, well this would be sort of interesting, she could be right because I am a closeted homosexual, and I did tell her and that I wasnt going to come out, I am just saying I am open about it. Now, I am not actually telling you anything because I dont want to ruin the surprise that may or may not happen, and I am not telling you anything here, because I dont want you to get any ideas about doing something to me, because I would hate for you to think that I was hinting about something else, maybe tell your teacher or someone and ruin our whole class. As for your question about other sports, I havent played hockey at all, Ive only ever played football and baseball so I dont know much about any other sports, though I have played a little basketball once to see what that was all about, though it still didnt do anything for my shyness, just really tough. Anyway, as for the closet thing, I am not really sure what to tell you, I mean I am open about being gay now, but I dont really keep in contact with the rest of my class or family about it, I tell them I have been doing well since I came out, but they know about my class and my parents so I dont think I can tell you that I am a closeted homosexual since I.

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