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Youre thinking how am I going to figure out which picture is the one of each celebrity in the series. The Pinterest search function is really well-organized, and itll take you all the way back to the beginning. That means you can figure out which pin youre looking for in no time. The Pinned Posts tab on this page has a search option and since it was the first thing I did after clicking on the Explain link, thats what I did, the Explain link was on this page to help you figure it out, if you were wondering Heres what you see:Here you can see all of the posts on this board. Some are of people asking about and answering questions, but most are of people that have shared their own personal experiences with the board. Do you see any of the Celebrity Series. Now, heres where you can make that search that you were talking about. Click on Pinned Posts -, or the link in the banner above, and youll find the search box. Type in a keyword or phrase that you want to find and then press the Search button, you can do a variety of searches in this section of the boardSo, whats the most popular word or phrase searched for. Now, it depends on what you want to find out about, but I know what its related to. If you go to the most recent post in this series and scroll down, youll see that it has the word Celebrity in it. The latest post in this series was a fan-photo of each celebrity along with a question asking the person in the photo if he or she has a celebrity crush. So, if you dont believe me, go back and look at the previous posts in the series and youll see. This means that this Celebrity Series is most likely the one that you clicked on, right. Well, thatd be because this blog isnt exactly your average blog. Now, if youre searching for how celebrities look and act in their 50s, how do you really know.

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