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You have been a member of Pastebin Archive for 1 dayYour password must be at least 3 characters long. Username: Password: Confirm Password: Remember Me. Register Log in here:If youre not already logged in, create a free account now. HBOs Real Time host Bill Maher and rapper Nas have both been outspoken critics of President Donald Trump. Maher addressed the president on his show Thursday night. For all those people who are saying, Is he the worst president in the history of the world. I think hes the worst president in American history. The outspoken liberal comic then went on to criticize Trumps actions in office. I will even give him credit here because he did pull out of the climate accords, Maher said. Maher noted that Nas has called Trump a racist for pulling out of the Paris agreement. I dont think hes going to say anything, but hes certainly going to use it in his album, Maher said. In a new interview with NYMag, the comedian said hes not sure what to say. I havent felt good about him in a long time, Maher said. He was entertaining, and I liked the energy he brought. Im just now realizing, as time goes on, that hes a terrible person. Maher added in the interview, he had hoped Trump would be impeached and removed from office over Russias alleged interference with the 2016 election. Im still hoping that it will all work itself out, Maher said. President Barack Obama would never have impeached Trump. And I think the Democrats wouldve never been able to pull it off. Maybe there would have been an impeachment over this whole Russiagate nonsense. But Im no fan of President Trump as President, but I think he can succeed in the end. If youve read my blog for very long, you know Im a huge fan of food.

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