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Somehow this isnt really bad enough to get us to not laugh. We do want to tell you all the good things we do for you. You give us a nod and smile and go back to your perusal of the list. I mean I can tell you where, but Im not telling you where I am. Youre the first person Ive told about this so you better be on the count from now on to be at my hotel room when I wake up, alright. You pick your phone up once more to check the time, and you see that its now 6:01 in the morning. This is way too late to make a new call so you make one now. Hey, did you go to the gym today. Yes, what did you want to ask me, again. Im really curious about what my sister is doing these days. She didnt get back to me for the last few days so Im assuming shes still at home, isnt she. I dont know if you know, but Im a really big fan of flowers. I think I gave some to her when she got back from buying flowers for her friends when I was trying to get into the recording business in the first place. Ive only just been taking the flowers with me these days. You say, trying to keep up your usual teasing attitude. Well, do you know what she did with the flowers. You pause a bit here, but you keep your voice level. You try to remember all the times youve had to hang out with your sister during the past year and you cant think back to the moment when you did hang out with her. Well, how about you did something nice for me.

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