The well-known Bollywood actor died by suicide at his Bandra, Mumbai home in …

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In a country where a lot of celebrities die each year, including several politicians and celebrities, this one was a bit of a surprise. A lot more headlines, but no deaths or suicides, maybe because many still think this is a country with low suicide rates. Although one can only guess if there is a correlation between the fact that a celebritys death on the morning of the 21st Dec. S names include Neetu, Karishma Tanna and Neetu. There is also this strange phenomenon that I thought about a few days ago. Suicide in India, is on the rise, but according to the World Health Organization, WHO suicide is not considered one of the major causes of death. The WHO states that, suicide is more common in other developing countries like Nepal, China and many parts of Pakistan. The WHO also states, that suicide rates are higher in Westernized countries, like the US, but lower in Eastern countries like Hungary. Why do Western countries have lower suicide rates than Eastern countries. It is known, that suicide is more common in people who are socially isolated, who are depressed, and who have substance abuse problems. So are these factors, also present in India. Not only that, but there are many Indians that have mental problems too and they are often misdiagnosed, hence the high suicide rate that India experiences. Suicide in India, may be less, but it certainly is not unknown. Suicide is not one of the major causes of death. WHOs official statement on the matter You and your team, including some of the people from the news team, are in disbelief. It was a happy day today when you were in India, and now.

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