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You knew things were getting weird when you found a Tumblr of YOU writing about your day on a Tumblr. Words are supposed to mean something and not just be there for people to troll with. S like every day is some sort of Weeb-Fest. A Weeb-Fest is an event that weaves together the popular obsessions of geeky teenagers in order to entertain them. You occasionally find something of interest, or at least interesting. I mean seriously, what does this guy do for a living. S a celebration for anyone and everyone who likes the Internet, TV, and video games. It usually features live music and a lot of drugs. Re not just there to party for a couple days and leave. Ll get to know them better than you would by just hanging out at the party. S sort of like a family thing in a weird way. Well like a family, its members all have different talents, skills and interests. They have a group of people that they hang out with. A real family is more than just a bunch of people, it has rules that make sense and boundaries. T following the rules, they either leave, or they leave quietly.

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