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You exclaim angrily, Theyre going to be selling more than a few in my area, Im sure theres going to some guy in the ghetto thats already been selling them for cheap. Why dont they just buy it and put the name of the guy whos selling it on some website. You raise your hand and are told about the importance of promoting your local store in a blog or Facebook post. Yeah, I see, thanks then, You sigh and take another bite of your pizza in disgust. Just as you were about to leave, a white van passes by by. The door opens and a man wearing a baseball cap and gray sweatpants comes out. He seems to notice you and you instantly realize hes some sort of celebrity or at least a well-known person. You cant recall ever seeing this person before in your life. You notice that the man is carrying something in his hand. Hey do you have some cheap cigars. The man looks you over and then nods rapidly. Theyre cheap cigars, but not cheap, theyre quality smokes, but not too much because theyve got an age to them, He says, but anyway, how much are you. You dont have the courage to answer so the man puts his hand over his mouth, as if hes embarrassed by your answer. I dont have any money on me and Ill be buying these cigars with my credit card and Ill be out of here shortly. You payYou dont feel that you can just walk away from a man who could be the famous man. You pay the man and the man quickly hands you a bundle of papers and a stack of money. You open your cashier and are shocked at how the man seems to be using some sort of magic to get you to give him money. You dont know how you can be so easily influenced, then again when you used your wallet to steal from the guy with the glasses, you were still under some sort of spell. While the man has been using his magic to convince you to give him money, he has also been taking a look inside your pockets for some sort of hidden valuables or to see your identification card. Whatever he has found so far is nothing bad, but youre not completely confident that its all good. However, you decide to trust him and you open up the bundles of papers, which are almost all handwritten letters. It appears that you already have quite the collection of items. You take a closer look at the letters and are stunned to.

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