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It feels a little like we are going to the zoo. You sigh and look around and see a lot of stuff. You are not expecting to have so much stuff. You walk a few feet back and look around some more noticing there is a lot less clutter. This is a lot more like a home than I thought I would be. The owner of the home is standing behind you looking at the home with interest. I had no idea a home even existed in this area. The owner of the home raises his hand to his mouth and makes a weird throaty sound while looking at you with suspicion. You have never told me the truth before. You say as you stop walking forward and begin pointing at things you believe that are out of place in the home. But you wouldnt sell it to me if you knew the truth about it wouldnt you. If that is how you see me, then I will not have anything to do with you. You say as you turn away from his questioning gaze. I dont believe you have anything to do with me now. You ask putting your hands up to make eye contact and walk closer to the owner with the words taunting him. It seems you have never told me everything. Do you want to tell me everything. If you wont give me the truth about this home and you wont let me leave it with nothing more than a few belongings, then I will tell you everything. Let me guess you must be willing to kill for it. The owner looks down a few inches and shakes his head. You walk through the living room and come to a large dining area that is made up almost entirely of large round tables with chairs lining the walls. The owner is staring with interest at the round table with a candle in it. He was a wizard that traveled the world with his magic wand learning spells and new spells. The name Merlin is very famous in your home world, so that is why this table is in the place of honor above all.

Post about Celebrities magazine

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