The trees! Laura Tobin answers critics as Save Our Planet book is sold in paper form

Laura Tobin discusses climate change letter to her daughter

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Good Morning Britain meteorologist Laura Tobin, 40, has responded to some criticism she has received following the publication of her new book. The presenter penned Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet in the hope of encouraging people to be kinder to the environment and offering simple changes that everyone can make to be more eco-friendly.

However, some fans lambasted Laura for “destroying trees” with the printed publication.

The presenter shared a clip of herself excitedly receiving the first copy of the book while writing on Twitter: “Aagh I finally have a copy of my book. Such a pinch me moment!

“I love it so much. So many great facts and top tips to get you started or keep you going on your journey to ‘save our planet’.” [sic]

Twitter user John then rebuked: “Best tip may have been to not publish the book and destroy trees.”

Laura has now explained her reasons for wanting the book to be in paper form and assured fans that she made a conscious effort to ensure it was sustainable.

She told “Yes, the book could be fully online, but we have gone to every step we can.

“There is a whole journey written in the back of the book about where the paper comes from, how the trees are replanted, how it is always sustainable, I’m super mindful of that.

“We also haven’t done big press gift boxes with paper and loads of packaging. I have given a couple of copies to the [GMB] presenters and that’s it.”

Twitter trolls also took the opportunity to criticise Laura for travelling to film her weather segments on GMB.

Paul wrote: “Glad to see what you are doing to save the planet, but it is a shame that your carbon footprint is on the rise again as you have been on the road for the majority of the week.

“Hope this is not going to carry on. Why can’t you be like Carol [Kirkwood] and do the weather from the studio.”

And Rocknrollfootyman echoed: “Is there a section for weather girls/men that gives them tips by not travelling to a different part of the country each day to present the weather.

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“You don’t need to travel miles when you can do that from a studio.”

Laura’s most prominent criticism came when she travelled to Svalbard in the North Pole last year.

The poignant report saw the presenter break down in tears after witnessing how global warming had melted the glaciers and put polar bears in danger.

Despite her upsetting insight into the impact of climate change, some viewers criticised her because the flight would have added emissions to the atmosphere.

While Laura accepts that the journey would have made a carbon footprint, she said she doesn’t feel “guilty” because the benefits of her segment outweighed the negatives.

She stated: “The amount of people that watched, who maybe wouldn’t have watched an Arctic documentary, was in the millions. People were coming up to me saying they had watched it with their family and they were looking at how they live their lives.

“The emissions we saved with how people changed their lives far outweighed the negative ones. So I didn’t feel guilty about that because I know that overall it was a positive benefit for the planet and it opened up a conversation that people wouldn’t normally have had.”

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