The stars involved are often midway through a lengthy promotional tour, …

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M the one that should be uploading more of these. S just going to take me forever. M not even a professional yet and I already uploaded a bunch of stuff. S only my second day here and I already uploaded three videos. M not going to have time to upload more later if I get caught up with all of this. S no point in me not uploading it right away. T get over my sister dying. Ll just do it for you and just send it to you personally. When you wake up, you find that Naji has already taken off. After loading the bag with your clothes and your money, you head to the basement. You walk down the dimly lit stairs, which lead to a small dungeon. Re in one of those dungeon down in that basement. T hear anything when you entered, though you think you heard something. As you go further into the basement, you feel the walls closing in on you. Eventually, you reach the bottom of the stairs and find yourself in a hallway with a couple of doorways. One of them looks like it leads to what looks like a kitchen. You have no idea, but it would probably be better to start looking in both directions in this house since the possibilities are endless. You go back to the kitchenWhat the hell is wrong with you.

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funny interviews with celebrities