The Reason Charli D'Amelio Isn't at the Met Gala Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

OK, so, remember that totally random, not-at-all real Met Gala seating chart that hit the waves of the interwebs? No? Let us refresh you:

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Yeaaah, some of these seating arrangements definitely seem impossible. But even beyond that, let’s be real: Anna Wintour, aka the head huncho at Vogue who has been in charge of orchestrating the Met Gala since 1995, is incredibly secretive about the event and every. single. detail. of its planning, so the likelihood of that seating chart being reallet alone leaked—is literal zero.

A new name that did make the fake chart though was none other than one of TikTok’s very own Charli D’Amelio. Some of her influencer-peers, like Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain, are indeed at the Met Gala this year, so it wouldn’t be totally unusual to see Charli’s name too, especially since other internet stars have graced the event in the past. It was however a biiit strange seeing her “seated” at the head of a table with some pretty heavy Hollywood hitters (hi, Lupita, T. Swift, and Kylie).

When asked about how she felt about the faux seating chart, Charli told SiriusXM that she actually wouldn’t be attending fashion’s biggest night at all. Not because she couldn’t get an invite, buuut because there’s actually an age requirement. Who knew! But also, makes sense.

“The funny thing about this is, I’m actually not old enough to go to the Met Gala. But I have gotten so much hate about that, and I’m like, ‘Guys! I can’t even go!'” she said while laughing. “If that was my seat, I would definitely not be upset about that at all, and I would be happy to go. But sadly, that can’t happen.”

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While there is a loophole to the age limit—underage guests can attend so long as their parents are invited too and decide to come (LOL, not a chaperone)—Charli’s parents didn’t hit the scene for whatever reason.

The age limit to attend the legendary event is 18, so there’s a big chance we’ll see Charli gracing the steps next year!

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