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You RihannaRihanna is another one of those people, that, if they arent already, they will be soon. 55 millionAs for Rih, she would join the richest artists ever, which includes David Bowie, Billy Joel and Prince. There are also a lot of artists with high net worth, who are on the verge, but not yet out. I mean theres Lady Gaga, who could be on the edge of breaking through to the richest artists and become the richest artist of them all. And theres Justin Timberlake, who is currently the richest artist on the planet, but could become the richest musician of them all if he continues to release albums like hes doing right now. Or if you want to go the opposite direction, you could look at the rich kids on Nickelodeon, like Adam Sandler and the rest of the Generation-X which Ive already mentioned, which are all in a group called Generation-YThese are very important questions. As Ive said before, I dont have a single favorite artist, so I think this is an opportunity I could use to get some of your help in choosing one. As its all written, Im going to stick with the last question. Ive never really thought about it, but some artists that you might like, if the opportunity arose, I think would be Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. However, if I was going to pick the favorite artist, this would be the one. What Im trying to say is, the question isnt fair. Im not even sure why youre writing this down, let.

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