‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ With 1 Thing

The Pioneer Woman has been whipping up hearty meals for her fans on her Food Network show since 2011. During one of her shows, Ree Drummond told viewers there’s one thing she “can’t be trusted” with.

Ree Drummond says she ‘can’t be trusted’ with this

Drummond gave a cooking demonstration on The Pioneer Woman. She showed home cooks how to make a grapefruit tart. At one point, Drummond adds red food coloring to the tart so that she can make it a pink color. After adding the red food coloring, Drummond stops to tell her viewers that she always closes the top after using the bottle. She doesn’t trust herself enough not to knock over the bottle and cause a mess.

“I always close it when I’m finished because I cannot be trusted” says Drummond. She’s very careful because she has had her share of kitchen disasters. Drummond’s daughter, Paige, told fans about the time her mother spilled chocolate chips everywhere.

During an Instagram Q and A, one fan asked if there are a lot of bloopers on the show. Paige and Alex said there are a lot of bloopers that happen on the show and behind the scenes. “Today my mom was making something, and she spilled a bunch of chocolate chips into the stove,” says Paige.

Ree Drummond told the story of a garlic mishap

Drummond told her viewers about a time she made Caesar salad for a date when she was in her early 20s. She says she accidentally used a bulb of garlic in the dressing instead of a clove.

“I wasn’t a very good cook,” Drummond admits during The Pioneer Woman show. “It was the garliciest garlic experience I ever had in my life. The gentleman was very polite and ate it and I can only imagine what was going through his mind. He never called me again after that. It’s for the best, right?”

Ree Drummond’s grapefruit tart recipe

If you’re curious about how to make Drummond’s grapefruit tart, you’re in luck. She shared her recipe for the sweet treat during her show. Drummond starts the recipe by juicing a grapefruit. Next, she strains the pulp and the seeds. Then she adds the zest from the grapefruit and a few egg yolks in addition to sweetened condensed milk.

Next, Drummond adds five drops of red food coloring. She pre-bakes the crust with graham crackers, butter, and sugar, and pressed it into a tart pan. Drummond says she baked the crust until it was “just barely golden.”

After stirring the tart mixture, Drummond pours the filling into the crust. She recommends baking the tart at 350 degrees for 15 minutes until the filling sets. Once the tart finishes baking, she takes it out and lets it cool before serving. Drummond places the tart in the refrigerator to help it cool down. She puts the finishing touches on the tart by adding whipped cream. You can find the complete ingredients list and directions here.

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