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He isnt usually able to perform anywhere else. The average celebrity becomes famous because of some talent, talent that is usually the work of the public in general. Celebrities are just lucky, and people who are famous are also treated as gods. The problem with this way of thinking is that there are millions of people in the world, more than there are stars, and they are far less lucky than the famous. People live and die, and while the poor starve and the rich get richer, the famous are never in the same situation again. And with this thought, the average person can see that there should be some rules or laws that govern the people and the superstars. People who are superstars do what they do because theyve been conditioned to do so by the public, and the public can be changed if the people have enough power. However, people who are superstars usually dont have the power to change the way theyre treated, so they just remain as they are. They can either act like people who are treated like celebrities, or they can work very hard to be liked and accepted, but they cannot be famous. There is no longer any difference between the two. The famous can be treated a little better than everyone else. They can do whatever they want. They can party and go wild at the expense of the rest of the world. They can take advantage of people that are less talented and can never compete with them, and they can live forever in a palace of their own making. Im telling you, the people have a right to exist. That is the difference between them and you, my dear friend. You need rules to control you and those rules will always be outdated. You also have the gift of the gab, which can allow you to talk to people all over the world, and youre even starting to become well-known in the media. Still, youre just some guy whos happy to party and have fun. Its not like theres anything else youve ever done that has gotten you anywhere. With your situation, youre lucky, but youre no celebrity. You do not, and you cannot be taken into consideration. If only there were some way to solve this dilemma, wouldnt it be nice. Hey, you say, walking off into the jungle. The air is cool, and smells a little bit like flowers and flowers. You dont see any people, but then you think thats because youre right on.

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