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S always been one of your favorite stars to photograph. You see him on the red carpet with his wife and two kids. You also see him getting a manicure and pedicure from his stylist. The last time you were in Beverly Hills, you remember being at his house and you saw him doing something similar with his stylist. From that, you move on to his baby daddy Woody Harrelson, who you see with his wife and their five kids. Ve recently been reading his new book and the picture was just too good to pass up. So you go back to his house, which looks exactly like he had described it in the book. Ve been photographing his house for a bit, you go upstairs and see that he and his wife are making breakfast. Ve never heard her use before. So are you just taking us to your kids. Ve been friends ever since we were little. Ve seen you two do any real work. M just a little pre-occupied with my children. Re both still as energetic as a cat in the sack. You smile and think about the two of them sitting on the porch. Re going to have to do something to them to make them stop.

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