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You open up the app and hit New Topic. Its a new form of entertainment which Im sure some of you wont like, but its actually called an artists market. Weve seen artists get rich selling their paintings on ArtSale or similar sites, but this is a new marketplace for them, so far, and Ive been personally involved so far in setting up the marketplace, with the first two artists Ive sold my paintings on to. In fact, theyre both artists that I think would do a great job illustrating the stories within your games, so if thats something youre planning, it would really help out a lot in reaching your goal of having a storybook like style of game. Plus I have another couple of paintings that Im selling on the same marketplace, but Im not sure how popular that is right now. You pause momentarily to get your thoughts straight. At this point youve really only been thinking about the idea of such a thing for about three days, and the idea that you might get to sell your paintings has been kind of bugging you for quite some time now. Its just one more way to finally make a good living of your art, or to just make some extra funds. And since youre always up for something new, you decide to join in. Its actually a pretty interesting idea, and youre actually sort of impressed by all the hard work and thought that has gone into it. Now that is more than I ever wanted to hear. You say to yourself a few times as you press the Join button. Oh wait, I still need to buy a username and password first. You dont need to do that, youre already in. Im not sure if I want to be associated with a bunch of rando artists. I mean artists who want to sell their paintings if Im to be successful, its not something Im sure Id be comfortable with. Well, I suppose Ill sign up then. And if I dont like it, well thats okay too. I was just about to show you the forum, as well as the forums dedicated to this topic. After signing up, you log in and are immediately greeted by a fairly standard looking forum, with a few gamesentertainment related threads.

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