The latest celebrity to have her privacy invaded is Bella Thorne, who posted her …

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She just came out and said so, right. T afford to get another one of those emails tomorrow morning. Re still a bit anxious about this whole situation. Time goes by and you eventually fall asleep. You dream about the past and present life of this town. You think to yourself one day while doing your grocery shopping. Ve been seeing dead people in your dreams for the past several years right. S time for us to stop with this back and forth discussion of your past. Ve thought about Alison a lot in a lot of your dreams lately and I know that you have. You look down and rub your eyes. T believe neither of us knew what the other was talking about. At this point you get up and start pacing. Am I going to be able to just walk into a bookstore and buy one of those books about ghosts without you getting all suspicious. T really have anything to hide, at least not from you. D just tell me what is causing you so much uneasiness.

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