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A few days ago I was at the beach and I actually got myself bitten. M gonna have to say the sandals were probably a bit of a mistake on your part, honey. Their eyes are full of concern for the first time. T have any money on me and I think these are comfortable enough on their own right now. Re too damn busy to take the time off from whatever it is you did to get bit in the first place. Cindy remarks and pushes you a bit before you get out of the chair. S hand to go for her pocket watch. T be back in time for me to change before you get here. You watch you two exchange pleasantries and head out without saying goodbye. You go about your day and eventually you end up at the hotel. You have a bit of trouble finding something in the closet, but eventually you find a clean set of clothes and head on down to the beach with a smile on your face. S edge you realize that maybe you should take your shirt off a bit more and maybe even take a dip in the ocean. You say and get yourself a beach towel off the ground while Kaia begins to help Cindy with her bag to get it off the sand. The pair of them are both starting to squirm a bit with nervousness. You gonna cover me up too. I mean, I guess I could if I really wanted, but I might as well just take it easy for a while. The pair of them both stop struggling for a moment. You ask while trying to remain somewhat attentive.

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