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When you first saw a poster for the movie Pretty Woman. Your face was young, but you knew that you belonged there. You were beautiful, you were young, you were confident, you were sexy, you were smart – you were everything that everyone wanted in a girl. You were beautiful, you were young, you were powerful, you were sexy and you had what it took to be a successful actress. A man, or rather a man body with womans face, was a little too much for you. There was no way you were going to be able to play a young, beautiful and confident woman. If you didnt want to be one of those images, you could just not do it. You were the last straw in an endless cycle. You were a disappointment for everyone around you in the movie industry. You eventually stopped showing up to work and you were fired from your film school job. You wanted to be so much better than the pretty women you saw on the posters. You never got over your disappointment and went on to pursue other things. You became a writer, a photographer, a singer, but you are not a movie star. Now you realize you have a choice of whether you want to stay like this or do something else. You move forwardYou realize the only way that things can get better is if you get on with it. You realize that one day you will have to step out of the shadows and show everyone that you are a powerful woman who is beautiful just like you want to be. You set your goals and make one. Scripts are a dime a dozen and you know how to pick the good ones. I am going to show you a scene from a movie I want you to read. Cecilia pulls out a notebook and writes something on a piece of paper. Then she takes it back and disappears into a back room.

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