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The Harry Potter star dealt with serious OCD in his youth. Barbara Sinatra the wife of the late, great Frank Sinatra shared a little known fact about her husband in her memoir. List of Famous People with OCD, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder that inflicts an individual with feelings of fear and worry that can only be released by engaging in particular obsessions or compulsions.

The Compulsive List is an occasional feature of OCD Research and Treatment which contains a compilation of quotes from people with OCD. The comments on the Compulsive List can be left as an attachment to this post. This post is part 6 of a series from the International OCD Foundation on the condition. The National Hockey League is currently working with the World Anti-Doping Agency to determine the amount of drugs used during this seasons Winter Classic between the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins. The NHL and WADA have not yet determined the total amount of banned substances used, but a source told ESPN that the NHL is concerned that this could be a particularly egregious case. We know there are a lot of people who think this is a problem, but we are going to be watching it very closely, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. The NHLs anti-doping policy states, Any athlete having any part in the production of a prohibited substance to be used as a performance enhancer through the use of substances, devices, or other procedures of a therapeutic nature or substances, devices, or procedures as part of scientific, diagnostic, research, or therapeutic research may be considered to be a nonparticipant. The New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins are going to the Winter Classic to play the Pittsburgh Penguins in what will be the first regular-season outdoor game in the modern era of the league. Boston has been the subject of a number of doping investigations over the years, including the recent arrest of former Bruins forward Rick DiPietro on charges of steroid use and obstruction of justice. While both teams were cleared of any wrongdoing by the NHL last year, the league is still working to ensure that the Bruins and Rangers follow the rules and arent being used as a testing site for other teams. We are aware of the WADA investigation and we will continue to work with WADA as it concludes, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. The Penguins and Rangers are two of the best teams in the modern NHL era, but last seasons series saw significant back-to-back games played.

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