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The CelebrityCarl RuizCarl Ruiz is a popular American celebrity chef and actor who starred on the TV series The Food Network show Food Network Star. Ruiz is known to show his affection for his fans by cooking for them and personally visiting them in the studio. Ruiz is currently married to actress and musician Stephanie Rogers who he married in September 2015. Cause of Death: SuicideCarl Ruiz committed suicide on Friday, Septem. Carl and his wife Roger had broken up for several months. Ruiz began living with former female fan Heather from April 2018. By June 2018, Roger and his girlfriend Rebecca had separated and had been living as a couple for years. In February 2018, the pair had broken up for good after their split was over a year old. Roger and his girlfriend Amanda had been living together for several years before separating in July 2018. Roger was living with his new girlfriend Rebecca and his family when he met Ruiz and the pair had moved in together. In August 2018, Rebecca and Amanda had separated. -Cause of Death: Drug overdoseCarl Ruiz had died at his home in Los Angeles, California on Friday, Aug. Carl Ruiz was the 29th person to die of a drug overdose in 2019. Carl died in his sleep from a suspected drug overdose. Ruiz has reportedly suffered a series of drug-related illnesses including chronic Lyme disease and chronic migraines which had worsened in recent years. Carl was a former member of The Los Angeles Kings who played one year for the team from 2001-02. On J, Ruizs body was found floating in the Malibu Sea in a plastic dum-dum bag. The ActorJohn RalstonJohn Ralston is an American actor best known for his work in television drama series including: The West Wing, The Practice, and Scrubs. Ralston was born on Septem, in West Chicago, Illinois. As a child, Ralston was cast in the television series, The West Wing, as the son of a U. Congressman, but his performances were not that well received by the producers. His career as an actor began on the TV series, The Practice, and led to him receiving his first speaking role in the film, The Practice, along with guest roles in films like The Last Boy Scout and The Big Chill. In 2002, he released his directorial debut The Last Boy Scout, starring alongside Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, and John Cusack.

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celebrities who died in september