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The people on this list are also from many different parts of the country. You make an albumYou start making The Detroit Album in a notebook. You write down your thoughts about the city and start to make it into something more tangible. You take a photo of some of the buildings youve written about in your notebook. Its just a lot of notes, but youve started to understand Detroit a lot more. You put down the notebook and look out your window where you see the sunset. You wonder if youre writing what you should write down on paper or if you should just let your thoughts fill in the blanks. You write a letterYou decide to write a letter to your friends back home in Michigan. Dear Mom, Dad, George you begin to write. Hi Mom and Dad, Im writing a letter to my friends back in Michigan about all the things that are going on in life there. A lot of things do seem to be like in the book. Im sure youll write some great things about your friends back in Detroit, but you really should keep it short. Its really important that I receive this postcard at my home here. Alright, alright, I wont talk myself out of it, but I should probably start writing this. You open up your laptop, and start writing in your notebook. You finish the first page of your letter and close it. You then take the cover off of your notebook and begin again. Dear Mom and Dad, Im writing a letter to my friends In the Book. Your Mom and dad both look at each other. The hell will I ever find time to write a postcard for you if I.

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