The Filipino-German was approached by an ABS-CBN staff …

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She got short-listed and had to perform in a pinoy pinup shoot. The pin up shoot is pretty much exactly like a regular pin up shoot. S still quite the downer to see the average, run of the mill, college-girl in such an outfit. T know what happened to the rest of the girls, but you imagine they got their own little segments. S finally over, they call one of the hosts to give a little shout out and then they ask you what you thought of the shoot and what you thought of the pin up industry as a whole. I dunno, I did a pin up shoot once and it was kind of fun. Ll still continue to do so as long as there is something to be drawn from it. S eyes light up and she hugs you briefly before you take your leave. Ve transpired since last you saw her. Re all giddy about the pin up shooting, I guess I should be too. You open the door and enter your trailer, which is pretty much the same as it was before. You have a nice quiet night to do you here, which you do. Re brushing your teeth, someone knocks on the door. S Laura and she wants to see you right now. You go to answer the door and you do a double take seeing.

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