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S obvious he wants to do this the right way. Ll admit you do a little stalking on some of the older ladies, but you never actually go try to talk to any of them nor do you ever actually find out anything about them. The thing you do feel a little bad about though, is all the times you heard Bobby talking about how he wanted to do some pre-nup stuff with all the women he was going to be marrying and taking care of. Ve been sorting things out with you eventually, but you never thought it would be this damn year now. S time to sort all this shit out once and for all. You go get your sisterThis is your life now, there is no turning back, you have to take charge of your future now. You decide to just go over and give Diana her blessing and go do it. But you need to be fucking prepared, okay. M here, to make sure everything is going to be okay. There really is no point in us making more noise now and risk getting in trouble. M still slightly worried about them finding our stuff.

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