The famous people Hubbard sought to convert to Scientology …

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S obvious that we need to separate and leave this organization. M ready to lose my friends after all that has happened in the last year. A little more of this bullshittering and you get a little irritated. Re going to have to get over this bullshit and stop acting like some victimized little girl. Okay, one more thing before I leave. S going to destroy this place or whatever ridiculous notion you and your mind are clinging to. Re faced with the decision of leaving the organization or joining it. You eventually go back to your apartment area to do some more reading and do some more socializing. A couple of very big name actors start showing up, which is a little weird since you were planning on going into hiding for quite awhile now. Re just glad to have found a way out of the organization. It helps that a couple of them have young children and you take the opportunity to go into more detail about what your past is to them. After this little talk everyone is a little surprised by all of it. By the end of the day, you have a bunch of people interested in leaving and the other new people that joined today.

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celebrities who left scientology