The famous people Hubbard sought to convert to Scientology in his heyday included Ed …

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Asked Bryan, who was a bit confused by this sudden answer. When asked who exactly he considered the good in the world, Bryan couldnt think of anything better than the cultists because they would be the only ones working for the good of the world. After a brief pause, Bryan asked: Is there a problem. The cultists seemed genuinely surprised to hear this question. I am not supposed to be telling you a whole lot about my mission, its a very sensitive matter and I have to keep it secret. You had to ask one more time: Will you tell me anything. Cultists are very careful when it comes to the secrets they are supposed to keep. After a brief pause, the young cultist answered in a flat tone. He revealed that Bobby was a prisoner living in Idaho, just like you. He didnt know anything about the reason why he was in Idaho. The young cultist also showed you a small picture of Bobby and one of one of his cultists in a group photo together. Did Bobby tell you anything about his mission. Cultists never speak about their mission or about other people in their cult, its supposed to be kept secret. Well, he claimed that his mission is for the good of the world and so far hes had a good run at it. The young cultist didnt seem to get anything else from his conversation with you. Perhaps he was very tired as he didnt say anything more that night. You told the young cultist that you were going with his other friend, but he didnt seem to be interested in telling you more about his friend. You know that he wasnt interested from the information you were given, but youll have to take his word for it. He seemed a bit worried with the entire situation: Doesnt anyone know what the hell is going on. But he was doing a good job at it and he was successful. The two young cultists then took their leave after telling you everything that they could, leaving you alone in your room with no information on your mission. A few more days pass, and you get a call from Bobby.

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celebrities who have left scientology