The divide in celebrity endorsements between candidates was as large as ever in…

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A growing number of famous people dissed the New York mogul and his campaign. As you write that last sentence, you notice a few of the famous Clinton supporters are starting to tweet their support for the former Secretary of State. While you have nothing bad to say about these celebrities, your point about their endorsements is still debatable. You get up to grab a few items off your desk and exit her office. Re probably here for the speech we prepared several weeks ago, right. Ve been waiting for, only to notice that no one has noticed you. T matter, as the secretary will probably just call you a moment later, when its time. Ve still been mostly stuck in this building. The secretary at this point waves to someone waiting behind the door and then goes back to her writing. S finished writing and then enter the foyer. In one corner of the foyer stand several people standing in a circle. It also looks like there is a podium in the middle of the room. This is probably the place where you saw this campaign being organized. You wait a few moments and then enter. The crowd in front of you looks considerably smaller than when you first walked in the room. I believe we all should be here to support our Presidential Candidate this evening, Mr. A well dressed man says to a group of people at his feet. We at this church are very excited to see Mr. Trump come to our city, and I think it will be a fitting tribute to the Lord for his message to be preached here. And you know how we are Christians, and we love to stand up for the right thing.

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celebrities endorsing clinton