The decade may have sucked, but its been a great one …

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You just dont careWhat, do you feel I didnt care about my country. Look, you dont know shit about my life, you dont know shit about me, you dont know shit about the times that I was a normal guy, a productive member of society, contributing to society like everyone else, who just wanted to have a family and a happy life. I just want you to know, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many times I was caught lying, no matter how many times people found evidence against me, I always believed I was doing the right thing. And I am, but this situation is different than the rest of my life. I think this is the last time Im going to say that. You keep your eyes on the screen, in hopes of seeing a glimmer of doubt in his eyes. You take a break and sit back down on your couch, and look at him. Well, if you dont care about me, then why are you even here. He shakes his head and smiles, as you take it as a sign that you should continue, even if he doesnt say anything. Alright, I dont care why youre here. I just want you to tell me why youre here. I dont know why youre watching me, but its strange, and I want to know the reason. I mean Im not saying your intentions are bad, Im just saying, what are you actually doing. He seems to think for a time, and he eventually responds. Im here to see if youre as crazy as you say. I really dont want to do this, but for some reason I have to. Like I said, I dont think youre a bad person, just misguided in your time. He takes another drink from his bottle, before continuing. But I have to find out, I guess the first step is going to have to be something. Hes going through some of the photos, quickly selecting the ones he wants to see. He takes a couple to the screen and shows them to you with some commentary. This one, this one is pretty funny, I swear, this one isnt even the one you found online. If you took the picture, its not a real photo.

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