The decade may have sucked, but its been a great …

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The decade has definitely passed that Im not being bullied anymore. You: Youre doing better than me. You: I dont need to say other things. Chucky:, Sigh, Alright, alright, you got me. You: Im sorry Ive been a jerk to you. Chucky:, Sigh, Alright, alright, Im done here. You: Heh, I dont think we did. Chucky: Heh, well lets just pretend that wasnt the case and get on with this plan then, alright. Chucky: Well, I dont know why youre blabbing like this, but I think its about time you told me the truth anyway. You: You have no idea what youre talking about. You: I dont really care if you think I have something with Tina. Chucky:, Sigh, Alright, alright, well in case you havent noticed, Ive been spying on her. Chucky: Look, you see a bunch of young people drinking and having fun, probably for the same reasons you did. You got a lot of free time on your hands, right. You: Well, youre here to get your life. You: So is this some sort of secret relationship. Chucky: No, Im a friend, and I just see you a lot. You: Okay, so what do you do then. You: Okay, fine, then I have no idea what the hell youre talking about. You: So whats a good way to find out the truth about Tina. Chucky: Well, I mean, if we were in the diner where you always go, then.

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funny quotes from celebrities