The celebrity tradition in Scientology has continued today, most notably led by …

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You leaveYoure no Tom Cruise or John Travolta. The celebrity vogue that you belong to is going to fade, eventually. You have no idea where or when it will happen, but you have decided to leave the cult. You leave the church of Scientology to pursue your life, to deal with the world as it is. You drive through the empty streets of New York City. Nowadays, there is no indication to the public that theres been a mass exodus of Scientology cultists. It occurs to you that Scientology was once a great religion, but its time has passed. As you drive, you think about how you once had a vision. You have a vague recollection of having met a savior that had helped you in some way. Its not as though you dont want to believe in something like that, but its just not there. Then, you notice a sign outside a building:The Church of Scientology is looking for a new leader, if youre interested. You declineYou decide not to become a leader of the Church of Scientology. You drive to Staten Island, and drive towards Manhattan. You have no intention of staying in New York City for very long. You drive through the city at top speed. There is nothing about the landscape or the buildings that makes you feel any sort of sadness or despair, just pure, relentless, purposeless and relentless drive. Ll make you into something better than what you are. You take a long pull off your bottle of whiskey and stare into the darkness, waiting.

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