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I see my name there, you say, as you realize its the name you used the first time you came here. Hes smiling and holding a football, and youre holding a football and wearing a suit. You look happy when you were a little boy. You probably looked even happier when you were ten, because thats the age when you got your first real crush, and Dad showed you how to kiss on the lips. You probably look even happier when you were a little girl. Thats when you realized that you were going to grow up to be a dad. You probably look even happier when you were ten, because you were taking a bath. Its been a long time since I last saw my brother Alex, you say, turning to look at him. You looked so happy as you looked at that picture. You turn your head away from the picture, walking past the puzzle pieces. You can tell yourself its nothing to you, but you cant just walk past them. You need to get this done, or youre going to hurt yourself. You continueIts not too late to stop the pain, though it is too late for you to avoid the consequences. You walk past your own puzzle pieces and the pictures of you and your past self to the picture of your present self:You stare in disbelief at the image of your current self. You quickly walk over to the picture of yourself in the suit, sitting in a chair, and look down at your face. You quickly run over to the picture of yourself as an adult, in your own suit, and you look down, trying to make out your own face before realizing you can no longer see it through the plastic. You take a quick look up at the picture, as you are reminded of your family and your past self, looking so happy and contented together, even laughing together. You can only hope that you can see that again. You look down at yourself for a moment, then turn your head, walking past the picture and back to your puzzle pieces. You walk past the puzzle pieces, and stop at the picture of yourself standing by a table. Then, you look down at your puzzle pieces, and see that you have six pieces in the box, with just two in the picture:You look back up at the picture, but as you do, you remember how happy your family made you feel. If only you could see them again. I guess I could go back and try again.

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