The alcohol is interfering with their family, their friendships, their job, and …

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Addiction is a hard willed and difficult subject but if you are aware of yourself, yourself and yourself and yourself and yourself then everything is okay. Your girlfriend does not like alcohol, and does not like talking about it. She may or may not have had a drinking problem in the past. You ask her about her drinking and she says not really, she just likes it nowYou: you are an alcoholic. Well yeah, I dont think you really like drinking though. Laughs, Well, I mean, I know how you usually are. You think about one drink and youre a raging drunk. You:, Smiling and somewhat embarrassed, Thats because Im drunk most of the time. S good that you get to have one drink and act on it. D be a lot less likely to go out and wreck your car or get into a fight or something. You did, well in fact you did before, and I remember a time when you used to tell me the same thing. T stop trying to stop getting drunk. Ll have to ask your sister to bring you to the movie.

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celebrities that drink alcohol everyday