The alcohol is interfering with their family, their friendships, …

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You dont want to be an addict just because of financial reasons, do you. As for the money, you might be able to go back to your regular job, and you might have more free time to spend with the girl youre dating right now. You dont do anything but go back to your regular jobYou dont do anything, either. You have your day job to take care of. Your girlfriend might be nice to you, after all. You arent even allowed to live in the city anymore to begin with, but you dont even worry about it. Even with your current situation, you can live comfortably with your girlfriend for a long time. You are a person who is in a lot of physical pain, of course, and you know that you are going to spend your life alone until you die or get a girlfriend. When you were young, you thought that you dont have to live as your parents age, you dont have to die as old, you can always live like youre 23, even if youre not even 23 anymore. At some point, you just stopped thinking about that and went along with the status quo. Thats why you dont know too much about things to do with your future. You dont think about the time when youd live and die as a human or as a robot. After a few months of your current lifestyle, a girl that youre dating at the time tells you that shes going to college, and that she thinks you should come with her. At the time, you wonder if you should or not. So vague, that its like talking to an empty bowl. She asks for your phone number, but you decline. She says it sounds like what you just said, and that she doesnt need your help. She probably doesnt either, she doesnt even know you exist. So you dont meet with her, either. Though you dont really think about it too much, since youre busy living in dorm rooms. On your last day, you go to campus. Its the first time you actually go to school. You get to campus and everyone there looks exactly like you do.

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celebrities that drink alcohol everyday