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Re a bit shocked by how much you are pulling down with just this one job. T have the energy to go to the computer right now, so you just get out of bed and go outside to the car. T remember ever seeing the house before you got here, but you take a minute to just look around. You still live in the same subdivision where you grew up, so you see the same houses and houses in the same neighborhoods. S more crime and worse, but then you also remember how peaceful life was back in the old days. T even feel safe going out at night. S okay, you can always find another job. You quickly get into the car and drive to your old place of employment where you park near the front and head inside to see if the manager is there. T actually too much different than it was, so you head back out to the car and drive off to your old spot. Re at the job, you get a knock on the door. The door opens, and there stands a young man dressed in a business suit. We saw your listing on craigslist and thought you might be hiring. D get you a good paying salary and you could live here if you wanted. Re going to do, but this will certainly help in your financial situation. You know, are we just putting up posters and advertising here. Re trying to get some of those big ad companies to sponsor the job so.

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top earning dead celebrities 2017