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And thats just the people who are in any way in the media or pop culture. The music of the 1980s has become less pop and more electronic, and more experimental. And the people who are influenced by it arent just musicians, theyre also writers, directors, animators, and just about everyone else who uses their imagination. Theyre the ones who made the new genre of movies and shows that we saw today such as the ones about robots and video games and science-fiction movies. And the music has changed as well, from heavy metal and punk in the 80s to something like electronic music or pop in the 90s. In the 1980s, we watched the shows on TV and we still watch the shows on TV today. We were all raised on the same shows and the same movies, well at least, to a lesser degree But today, the shows we watch are different than the shows we watched as children. Thats because theyre the show we watch now for entertainment. And the people watching them are different from the people who would watch our shows if they were for entertainment. Thats because the people who watch these shows for entertainment are different from the people who would watch an educational show or something like that. But it doesnt seem like the people who watch these shows for entertainment are the same as the people who would watch them for education. And now Im not even counting the animated shows that we just dont have access to or are too young to watch, and arent actually animated, but are just computer-drawn, Because the people who watch these animated shows arent the same as the people who would watch them if they were for education, but maybe they are for entertainment. And thats probably the only thing thats the same for people who watched the shows we all watched. You cant imagine how much youd change. You would have to change in a way that you had no control over. You shrug and turn off the TV, shutting it off right after it cuts to channel 5. Your cell phone rings while youre doing this. The number is the same one you have for the post office. Its the only number you have for the post office, you know that. You stop the TV, taking it out of the cradle youve been listening to it on. You look at the screen, which has changed to display the post office logo. There is a call waiting, the caller ID lists a voice.

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