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Little Ricky -The Little Ricky Show 2. Little Ricky – The Little Ricky Show 3. Little Ricky – 2 Little Rickys 4. Saint Bobby – Little Ricky Show 5. Little Ricky – Saint Bobby ShowImage courtesy of the awesome-flickr team 3The first time I saw this tattoo I thought it pretty cute, but now. Well for starters my old man took a shotgun to my head after I turned 18. In between the surgery and getting stabbed in the stomach, I nearly died of hypothermia. Then, the next day, I got tattooed again. In the middle of that, my parents were murdered by a crazed serial killer. All hell broke loose and I spent the following three weeks fighting off rabid dogs and a bunch of rabid people. And now Im a drunk, high on adrenaline from a week in the wilderness, and without a home. So if this is your first time here, welcome. Youre really glad you found your way to this place. Its a lot of work to go through to get a tattoo, but you can see why theyre so popular. You feel weird, like the skin around your body is clammy and sticky. You stand out from the rest of the tattooed crowd, but youre pretty sure youve got the right look. You dont really have a favorite tattoo, you just like them all. Most guys like the tribal designs, but you cant stand the big designs that cover your head and neck. They look like theyre trying to kill you. Then there are tattoos on the backs of your hands and legs. You dont get them, but you notice that you have something like tribal markings all over your legs. They look like theyre all over your skin. The last tattoo you get is inked in a strange script. Its in Egyptian, but I dont know anything else about it. You try to decipher the message, but theres no rhyme or reason. Youre sure its something special, but you cant read it at all. 50, you have a choice of two designs for you to get tattooed. The tattoo parlor is quite messy and the owner looks like hes on crack. He grabs a paper bag and pulls out some sort of bottle, dumping it on the floor.

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